We understand the challenges of conducting business in today's complex corporate world and can help you manage the risks and resolve problems quickly and cost effectively. Our service covers all essential corporate, M&As, regulatory and compliance issues that affect corporations, from shareholders' rights to statutory reporting requirements.

Our Team

We have a team of lawyers who have not only good legal backgrounds and skills but having also business mind and strong ties to the sector, serving a large number of corporate clients in all segments of their business operations. We have involved also in a number of corporate transactions in the country, including acquisitions, mergers, de-mergers and re-structures, some of which can be referred to as national deals in terms of the value of the transactions or the innovative solutions that we have brought in. We have a good understanding of the issues clients face in their business and we have the expertise and resources to help them resolve those. Above all, our team is known to be one of the most recommended choices in the sector in Vietnam.

Our Services

Our substantial experience of working on various corporate and M&A issues enables us to make a valuable contribution thereto right from the start. We offer our services to not only domestic but also international corporate clients in and to Vietnam, covering all segments of their business operations, including:

  • Corporate advisory services;
  • Due diligence;
  • Compliance, reporting and disclosures;
  • Institutional document drafting and updating;
  • Corporatization, equitization or privatization;
  • Acquisitions, mergers, de-mergers, consolidations, re-organizations, conversions; and
  • Corporate re-structuring, liquidation and dissolution.