With business thinking in legal practice, we can provide clients with a possibly clear and simple understanding of what the laws say and imply to ensure that they can have the best taxation incentives and treatments they are legally entitled.

Our Team 

Our team is distinguished by lawyers who combine commercial experience with a comprehensive knowledge of tax law. Our team comprises a mix of experts who have joint business knowledge and legal qualifications, and maintaining a good and close contact with government taxation-related agencies. Above all, our team is known to be one of the most recommended choices in the area in Vietnam.

Our services 

Our team is deeply engaged in key tax issues. We have been involved successfully in a number of cases where better taxation incentives have been granted to clients’ new investment projects in Vietnam, and several assignments in obtaining clarification of taxation incentives scheme (i.e. Incentive tax rates, tax holidays and reduction) or confirmation from the government taxation agencies. As you would expect, our services cover: 

  • Corporate income tax;
  • Capital gains tax;
  • Value-added tax;
  • Foreign contractor tax;
  • Import-export tax; and
  • Personal income tax.