Dear valued colleagues and brand owners,

We are pleased to inform you that the new Myanmar Trademark Law (MTL) was passed by the Union Parliament of Myanmar and all the registered trademarks require re-applying for the validity of the trademarks according to the new Law. The Law will come into force following the directive of the President, expecting to come into effect three or six months later.

So we wish to remind you that to re-apply for your registered trademarks in Myanmar if you want to continue the validity of the marks. And the well-known marks will also need to apply, claiming the priority within the period. Your clients can also register new trademarks currently, claiming the priority when re-applying in conformity with the new Law. Since the Law is a strict first-to-file system and so the brand owners should be prepared to file all their important trade marks on the first day the Law which comes into effect. There is no automatic transposition of current trade mark registrations. It is safe to file the TM applications to be in time. Thus we would like to remind the brand owners as follows:

- Undertake the current updates of the MYANMAR TRADEMARK LAW

- Undertake the cost-effective analysis to apply on the first DAY when the Law comes into force

- Prepare for the multiple filings on the DAY 1 and connect the agents for the matter

Please kindly note that the brand owners are entitled to renew their trademarks every ten years according to MTL.

For further updates and developments or information in this regard, please contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.