The holder of a protection title may request the IPVN to record changes in that protection title in the following cases: change in the name or address of the protection title holder; change of the protection title holder (transfer of ownership on the ground of inheritance, succession, merger, separation, split-up, joint venture, association or establishment of a new legal entity under the same owner, transformation of the business operation, or under a decision of a competent state agency...).

Record of changes related to information on industrial property representation service organizations on National Register of Industrial Property.

A request for narrowing of the protection coverage: request for modification of some details without any substantial change in the mark specimen stated in the certificate of registered mark; request for exclusion of one or several goods or services or groups of goods or services from the list of goods or services.

- A written request for amendment or change of holders of protection titles comprises the following documents:

+ Written declaration requesting amendment of the protection title made according to a set form 01-SĐVB Appendix C of Circular No. 01/2007/ TT-BKHCN;

+ Original protection title;

+ Documents certifying the change of the name or address (the originals or notarized copies of the decision on rename or change of address; the business registration certificate that records the name or address change; other documents of legal validity evidencing the name or address change) in case the content requested to be modified is such name or address;

+ Documents evidencing the inheritance, succession, merger, separation, joint venture, association, establishment of a new legal entit