Patent picking

Three new patents from Ford hint at possible features we could expect from the all-new Bronco. None of the filings call out the Bronco by name; however, it’s challenging to think of another Ford offering that’d require removable windows or an interchangeable grille. The Bronco is one answer – or the smaller “baby” Bronco announced in 2018. Patent and trademark filings have provided one of the few opportunities to see which features the Ford Bronco could have when it arrives next year.

Many of the previous patent filings we’ve encountered reference various technologies for removable doors. The three recent filings are different. One details a removable roof rack – it’s that simple. It’s strange because the Bronco could feature a removable roof, too, which would make removing the roof rack redundant. The other filing shows a vehicle with removable windows from the rear panel, providing an “open-air driving experience.” The final patent details what appears to be an interchangeable grille system.

Aftermarket parts and accessories are one area the Bronco could succeed, and an interchangeable grille system could be one such avenue the automaker is pursuing. Imagine the possibilities of being able to change one grille design for another easily. That’s a market ripe for top-tier aftermarket products. Then again, automakers often file patents for new technologies and features that never see the light of day.

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