The Innovation and Creation Startup Workshop of TECHFEST will be held on Sep. 19, 2019 in Lang Son City, Vietnam, and INTERFIVE IP LAW FIRM honorably is one of the Sponsors for this Workshop, specifically in the field of Intellectual Property for the Startup community.

 Techfest Langson 2019

TECHFEST is the BIGGEST annual event for the innovative startup community Vietnam, organized by the Ministry of Science and Technology in coordination with other Government Ministries, Agencies and socio-political organizations. TECHFEST 2019 will present the overall picture of the innovative startup ecosystem in Vietnamese through a series of exciting events.

TECHFEST has an important significance of being an international event for innovative startups to reach potential customers, investors, experts, support organizations and media organizations, both domestic and international. TECHFEST VIETNAM is also an opportunity for stakeholders in the innovative startup ecosystem to share knowledge, experiences and connect together, at the local, national and also at the regional level.