IP Office of Viet Nam issued Notification No. 7108/TB-SHTT dated 22 May 2020 on Patent Prosecution Highway Program between the IP Office of Vietnam and the JPO (Japan Patent Office) in 2020.

According to this Notification, IP Office of Vietnam has recieved enough 100 applications for PPH that Vietnam accepts in the period 01/4/2020 till 30/9/2020. However, there are 4 duplicated applications for PPH, result in the total number of applications for PPH that Vietnam received in this period is 96 applications for PPH.

Therefore, the 4 applications for PPH left in the period 01/4/2020 till 30/9/2020 will be shifted to the next period. It means that the number of applications for PPH from Japan that Vietnam accepts in the period 01/10/2020 till 31/3/2021 will be 104 applications for PPH.

Below is the Notification No. 7108/TB-SHTT dated 22 May 2020:

Notification No 7108