The 2020 edition of the Global Innovation Index (GII) presents the latest global innovation trends and the annual innovation ranking of 130 economies.

WIPO has been co-publishing the annual Global Innovation Index (GII) 2020, together with the Institut européen d’administration des affaires (INSEAD) and Cornell University

The GII is a ranking of innovation performance covering 130 economies and employing 80 different indicators. Decision-makers from around the world are relying on the GII to better understand the strengths and weaknesses of their innovation systems and to inform future policy directions.

Global Innovation Index

The Yearly Reviews describe, respectively, developments and results of the POT for the International Patent System, the Hague System for the international Registration of Industrial Designs and the Madrid System for the International Registration of Marks. Executive Summaries - translated into all WIPO official languages - of each Yearly Review are available separately.

Global Innovation Index

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Patent Cooperation Treaty Yearly Review 2020

This year’s special theme provides a descriptive analysis of PCT filing activity at the subnational level, based on the location of inventors named in PCT applications. Whereas this is the first time that the PCT Yearly Review has analyzed clusters of innovative activity in this way, WIPO’s Global Innovation Index (GII) has since 2018 supplied statistics on the world’s top-ranked science and technology clusters, while the 2019 edition of the World Intellectual Property Report (WIPR) focused on the evolution of the global innovation hotspots and their network over 40 years.

Hague Yearly Review 2020

The Hague System for the International Registration of Industrial Designs allows applicants to register up to 100 different designs through a single international application. Focusing on both the number of applications and the number of designs contained in international applications provides a comprehensive depiction of the use of the Hague System.

Madrid Yearly Review 2020

The Madrid application statistics used are based on the original filing date at a Madrid member office of origin. This removes the time lag between the date on which an application is first filed at an office of origin and the date it is received and recorded by the International Bureau of WIPO. The 2019 data on Madrid applications by origin are estimated, as not all applications filed at offices of origin had been transmitted to WIPO at the time the Review was drafted. Data published in WIPO’s press release of April 7, 2020, as well as related infographics and previous editions of the Review may differ slightly from those published in this year’s edition, because these data are continually updated as WIPO receives more data from Madrid member offices of origin.

Global Innovation Index 2020
PCT Yearly Review 2020 - The International Patent System
Hague Yearly Review 2020 — The International Registration of Industrial Designs
Madrid Yearly Review 2020 — The International Registration of Marks