Regarding the “Soft-Opening” period for re-filing trademark registrations in Myanmar:

After attending the latest meeting between the Union Minister & Deputy Minister and officials from Myanmar IPD, we would like to inform you that the “Soft-Opening” period shall extend instead of being closed on 01 April 2021 as previously estimated by the Myanmar IPD. The finishing time of the “Soft-Opening” period shall be officially announced by MM IPD later.

In this uncertain situation, in order to be more active in trademark protection for the registered trademarks, we advise you to proceed with re-filing for them soon.

Please note that filing of new trademark application is NOT permissible now. The procedure of filing of new trademark application is only permitted in "Grand Opening" period (after the "Soft Opening" period). However, the exact finishing time of "Soft Opening" period has not been officially announced yet

We thank you for your co-operation and will keep you informed of any further developments on the trademark matters in Myanmar once available.

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