Interfive IP Law Firm attended the IP and Technology Transfer International Summit Forum from 16-18 Oct., 2018 in Hefei, China.

Intelligent Manufacturing is the major tendency and core content of the future manufacturing development. Intelligent Manufacturing is also the fundamental way for Chinese manufacturing industry to be bigger and stronger. This forum assist the development of intelligent manufacturing industry and help the intelligent manufacturing enterprises avoid the Intellectual Property risks in the process of transformation and upgrade cross-border mergers as well as acquisitions.

1. The Theme of the Forum Enhancing the protection of intellectual property to assist the development of intelligent manufacturing industry. 

2. The Objective of the Forum This forum focuses on three topics in the field of Intelligent Manufacturing Industry including “IP International Cooperation” and “IP Protection and Dispute Resolution Mechanism” and “Technology Transfer and Patent Operation.” The aim is to share the successful experiences of IP application and protection and technology transfer in the field of the intelligent manufacturing industry and to provide support for the innovation, development, upgrading, transformation and international cooperation of the intelligent manufacturing industry.